Jainism Update
जय जिनेंद्र || Jay Jinendra ||
जैनम जयातु शाशनम || Jainam Jayati Sasanam ||
अहिंसा परमो धर्म | | Ahinsa Paramo Dharma ||

About Us


Jainismupdate.com is the digital directory of all Jain Temples in India and outside India in a systematic and structured format. Here you can get the information of all the Jain temples in the world. This will also help in preserving the details of all Jain temples belonging to all i.e. Digamber/ Shwetamber/ Sthanak, etc.

We humbly request all Jain brothers and sisters to make this endeavor successful by providing the details of all such Jain sites available in your vicinity and help www.jainismupdate.com in achieving the stated objective. Please share this with your friends and relatives as well.

You can write to us for any suggestion, query etc. at the email address: jainupdates@gmail.com

To take Jainism to the masses and to teach Jainism lessons to Jain youth & to unite all jain sects.

Bringing forth the talent of Jainism in every filed Helping Jain people who need help by building community of Jainism